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Contamos con 6 exclusivas habitaciones que ofrecen a nuestros huéspedes un ambiente cálido de relajación y reflexión, alberca climatizada, terrazas y 12 mil metros cuadrados de hermosos jardines.

Casa de las Rosas

Home outside of home, our roomiest and most complete accommodation. "La Casa de las Rosas" offers a colonial, warm, cozy and private environment. Comes with living room, dinning room, kitchen and two bedrooms, making it perfect for families. The main bedroom has a spacious bathroom with bathtub and shower.


Cabaña Los Enamorados

Nestled in a spacious garden, the "Cabaña Los Enamorados" offers tranquility, privacy and beautiful views. Decorated in colonial style, comes with a bedroom and an large living room. It's name means lovers, and as such this is the perfect accommodation for couples in love.


Suite Maya

Located in a second floor right above "Los Amates", the Suite Maya offers and amazing view to the Tepozteco mountain range from it's outdoor terrace, and views to the pool and the quinta from the window inside.


Los Amates

Decorated in colonial style and located a few steps away from the pool, the room "Los Amates" comes with a small space for a couch and a tv; plus the large windows offer great natural light.



It's one of the main house accommodations, with a small balcony that leads to the gardens, and with a great view of the Tepozteco. The Ixcatepec room allows you to experience the nature and the mysticism of Tepoztlán from the comfort of bed.



The second accommodation of the main house offers colonial style decoration and a peaceful environment that allows you to spent a couple of days in serenity surrounded by nature.